Church Building Project

The New St. Joan of Arc Church

We are excited to announce our plans to build a new church in Post Falls, ID.  The new St. Joan of Arc will allow us serve the needs of our growing parish, which is already outgrowing our current location.



Through the generosity of our parishoners and other donors, we have already purchased the property and drawn up architectural blueprints for the new facility, which will include:

  • a church building, capable of seating 500
  • a parish hall
  • a baptistry
  • a 90-foot-high bell tower
  • a perpetual adoration chapel
  • a separate wing with space for classrooms and offices

You can view the architectural renderings below, or click here for the official building project brochure.


Community and Faith

A church is more than a building: it is the very heart of a parish and the abode of the Lord Himself.  As such, it is fitting that it meet the needs both of those who worship in it and of the One being worshiped.

St. Joan of Arc has been at its current location since its establishment in 2007. Since then, it has continued to grow at a steady rate as more and more people discover the Catholic Faith and the beauty of the traditional rite. Accommodating these changes to the size and makeup of our parish has required the addition of a third priest and a fourth Sunday Mass, as well as the introduction of many other resources for spiritual education and development.  And, as any passerby can judge from the overflow of cars that line the streets for blocks every Sunday, we are quickly outgrowing our present facility.

A new church will allow us to address many of the challenges–however welcome–that come with a larger parish, even beyond the more obvious issue of space itself.  A new and larger facility would meet the needs of our parish on many other levels: by allotting space for meetings through which we can instruct others in the foundations of the Faith; through the inclusion of classrooms in which to educate our children; and through the addition of a parish hall, which can serve as a gathering place and a venue for more parish-centered events. Moreover, an appropriate space for worship would enable us to celebrate the solemn sacrifice of the Mass according to the traditional rite in a more fitting and complete way, giving due reverence to the Almighty who has beneficently overseen our flourishing in this community.


Capital Campaign Goals

Since launching our capital campaign, we have made tremendous progress and have completed laying the foundations for the office and classroom wings as well as the parking lot. We are now collecting funds to begin construction on the main church.  While money a primary factor, it is also through the generous support of your time, energy, and prayers that we are achieving our goal of $9.96 million.

If you are able and would like to play a more direct role in helping us meet the financial requirements of the project, please consider making a monetary donation.  Your gift is vital to the growth of our community, the propagation of the Faith, and the preservation of the beautiful liturgy in the form in which we celebrate it at St. Joan.

May God reward you for your generosity!


Site Prep and Parking Lot (Phase 1)

$1 million/$1 million

Parish Hall and Office/Classroom Wing (Phase 2)

$2 million/$2 million

Total Cost (Phase 3: New Church)

$3.24 million/$9.96 million


Building Updates

Latest Photos

Aerial Views of the Property Under Construction

Laying the Foundation