A complete list of Mass times can be found on our Mass & Confessions page. Any exceptions will be noted in the calendar and weekly bulletin.
As with the Mass, we follow the 1962 form of the Sacrament of Confession, which you can read about in-depth on our Newcomers page.
Guidelines for proper attire at Mass and on church grounds can be found by clicking the Newcomers tab.
The St. Edmund Campion Missals are provided in the pews, which contain the readings for Sunday Masses and Holy Days. To follow the readings at daily Mass, any daily Missal conforming to the 1962 Liturgical rite would suffice (New St. Joseph Missal; Fr. Lasance New Roman Missal, etc.).
Registration forms are available on the credenza by the main entrance; simply fill one out and drop it off at the main office mailbox. (Electronic copies can be found in the Newcomers section.)
To advertise in the weekly bulletin, please contact the church main office at: (208) 660-6036.
If it is a non-sacramental emergency, simply contact the specific priest you wish to perform the rite (information found under the 'contact' page) or contact the main office. For a sacramental emergency, call the rectory at (208) 660-6036.
If you have a matter to discuss with a priest that will take more than 15 minutes, you can either e-mail him directly or contact the church main office to schedule an appointment.
Simply write the intention down on a slip of paper along with the name of the priest you would like to say your intention (if you have a preference), place it in an envelope labeled “Mass intention," and drop it off at the main office mailbox. You can also e-mail the office with your intention. Be sure to indicate whether you would like your name published in the bulletin alongside your intention. Please note that the usual stipend for a Mass is $10, but you can give less or more, or nothing at all.