St. Joan of Arc Weekly Events


Sunday 11/12: 23rd Sunday after Pentecost
Mass Times: 7:30 am, 9:30am (Sung), 12:00pm & 5:00PM

Holy hour 3-4pm


Monday 11/13: Mass Times: 6:30 am, 12:15 pm

Tuesday 11/14: Mass Times: 6:30 am, 12:15 pm

Wednesday 11/15: Mass Times: 6:30am 12:15pm

Thursday 11/16: Mass Times: 6:30 am, 12:15 pm

Friday 11/17: Mass Times: 6:30 am, 12:15 pm Eucharistic Adoration, following the 6:30 am Mass until noon.

Teen catechism 6-7pm

Saturday 11/18: 
Mass Times: 6:30 am, 9:30 am

Altar Boys, 10:30 am to noon
Pro Life Rosary, noon
Men’s Group, 7 to 9 pm


Sunday 11/19: Resumed 6th Sunday after

Mass Times: 7:30 am, 9:30am (Sung), 12:00pm & 5:00pm

Holy hour 3-4pm





Pro-Life Rosary at St. Joan of Arc. Every 3rd Sat., we will be praying the rosary in church for the end of legal abortion. The rosary will begin at noon and go until 1 p.m. We will be praying all 15 mysteries of the rosary. Someone will lead the rosary out loud. Praying the rosary from noon-1 p.m. will spiritually unite us with those who will be praying the rosary (at the same time) at Planned Parenthood in Spokane. Please join us in praying the rosary to stop legalized abortion.

Cell phones. Please either: a) do not bring cell phones into the church, or b) make sure your cell phones are competely silenced before entering the church.
Religious literature. Please do not put religious literature, no matter how pious you may believe it is, on parishioners cars. Also, a reminder—please do not put such literature on the credenza or in the pews unless Fr. Gordon has given permission. Thank you for your cooperation.
Advertising in SJA bulletin. If you are currently advertising your business on the back cover of the SJA bulletin, please remember that your renewal fee will be due by July 1st. Please contact the church secretary at 208-660-2603 to renew. If you are not currently advertising in the bulletin but would like to support SJA Church by purchasing a business ad space, contact the church secretary for fiscal year fees and advertising spaces that may be available.
A message from Fr. Gordon: Internet Safety. There is a useful program to block many annoying internet ads and pop-ups, some of which often have inappropriate content. The program is called “Adblock Plus.” This type of program, along with content filters like “Safe Eyes” help reduce exposure to filth online. Another tip to lessen exposure to indecent ads is to adjust the size of one’s window so that only the text that one wants to see is visible, decreasing the chance of exposure to unwanted, indecent ads next to the text. Please be proactive in this area! Statistics say that the average age of a person’s first exposure to pornography on the internet is age eleven!
Idaho Catholic Appeal: Goal: $37,568.00 Paid: $12,471

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